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there are two sides to jensen ackles

theres the male model with fanfiction green eyes: image

and then theres: image

and damn it i love them both 

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ladies dont start fights, but they can finish them.

that is a cat with a hairbow how is that relevant to the caption

Uncultured swine.

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The Best photos I’ve ever gotten of my my furry boy, Odin

Me at 10 PM: fuck man i'm so tired
Me at 4 AM: i must WRITE A NOVEL


I like how there are probably a couple people who reblog this because it’s a cute and vintage-y and then the rest of us just KNOW

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Dean’s reactions in 8x20 and 8x07

the difference between friendship and romance

Perfect post is perfect

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An accurate representation of tumblr right now

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if you are lgbt+ reblog this i have a secret to tell u

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#once you know that it’s ruby; sam’s face in the last gif become hysterical #cause he is apparantly just so done with her screwing with him but he can’t actually say anything (via)

but can we talk about how fucking clever ruby was? she opens the door and sees fucking dean winchester, and she asks if he is delivering a pizza. like she covered any surprise and fear that she had and played dumb. ruby was a fucking genius

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